Rich Riley AKA Bankaji, Denver Psychedelic Bass Producer.  Beats inspired by experimentation with extraterrestrial while watching Rocko's Modern Life.  Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Synthesizers Laced with Never Ending Story Drops.  Resident Artist of High Voltage Collective.  Performed with artist like Android Jones, RUN DMT, Space Jesus, Halfred, Soulacybin and Krooked Drivers.   


Trapghanistan's founder is a young DJ/Producer living in Denver, CO; representing their hometown, and music capital of the world, Austin, TX. Trapghanistan is a brand and collective of unique, likeminded individuals pursuing our passions of any arts. Not limited to any specific genre, Trapghanistan specializes in: Trap-House / Festival Trap / Trap / B-Sides / Psychedelic / Funk / Dubstep / Glitch Hop / TripHop / Drum & Bass / Future Bass / Progressive House / Hip-Hop / Rock / Metal. Trapghanistan excels in diversified mixing and production, vibing off the crowd and throwing down styles that will always leaves a crowd wanting more.

DJ Krazycraft

Hailing from Richmond, VA and now residing in the beautiful city of Denver, CO, DJ Krazycraft continues to absorband explore the amazing musical scene out here.  Diving into the world of EDM, with influences ranging from Bad Boy Bill, C + C Music Factory, DJ Feelgood and Mistress Barbara to RL Grime, Malaa, and Pretty Lights, DJ Krazycraft continues to attempt to blend different genres in creative and exciting ways.  Follow on SoundCloud to catch any new mixes!  

Sound Safari

Sound Safari is a young aspiring Bass DJ hailing from the Bass Capital of Denver, CO. Sound Safari is a Sound experience that will surely get you on your feet. His style ranges anywhere from Dirty Tech House to the deep reggae Dubs. Representing High Voltage Collective, Beat Sniperz Productions, and active member of The Reptilians Crew, Sound Safari is not one to be slept on. Take your friends hand as we step into the Safari.


Alex Rowan, known by the stage name Dozier, is a Denver based producer and DJ. She has previously held resident DJ spots at local clubs in Atlanta, GA and opened for ATL bass legends at Wild Pitch Music Hall. Currently she is crafting her debut EP, an ode to her sonic journey discovering the sounds and stories of planet Earth. With a style grounded in floor shaking bass, melded with world fusion, Dozier seeks to break the stereotypes of female musicians. Her goal is to build a foundation of unhindered expression and creative release for her fans. 



Curator, aka Reid Golden, specializes in sunrise sets and after-parties, but is certainly not limited to the two. When he’s not consumed by an unending SoundCloud dig, he can be found eating pizza and drinking PBR anywhere around Denver, and spinning tunes into the early hours of the morning.

MIDIcinal Music

MIDIcinal is the electronic, hip hop, funk, and soul producer Scott Rhatigan. Formerly part of the duo Transfer Station, Scott has taken the solo approach to explore new boundaries musically. Whether he's keeping it classic with the old school boom bap, bringing new styles to old flavors, or creating a new style of his own, he will always keep you moving on the dance floor. Staten Island born, Arizona grown, moved up to Colorado now he calls it his home. He has earned respect and gained a following in the city of Denver with great opportunities in the past to open for such acts as: MartyParty, Turkuaz, Blockhead, Vibe Street, SoDown, Muzzy Bear, Unlimited Aspect and more. Keep an eye and an ear out for MIDIcinal as he pushes his limits to bring you what you need!


For DJ Booking Inquiries email

For DJ Booking Inquiries email

DJ Mowgli

DJ Mowgli is a mysterious man-cub born and raised in the jungle of Washington, DC. Known for his energy and enthusiasm, he always livens up the party with his unique sound, ranging from trap and dubstep to deep house and jersey club and everything in between. Now living in Boulder, CO, he has performed at venues all around Colorado, including Bar Standard and Boulder House. A fun guy to be around, Mowgli is all about bringing the energy and vibes through the music he plays. He also really likes food and basketball.

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Plan C

Calvin Zikakis, aka Plan C, was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He was first introduced to the underground music scene in high school and began to DJ / produce his own music. At 20, Calvin now lives in Boulder, CO where he DJ's and produces in his free time for Cloud 9 Records and Constellations Collective, making everything from future bass to deep house to techno.

Instagram -


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The Orcastrator

The Orcastrator is the brain-child of Denver based musician/Dj, Brandon Theis. Born in Brazil, raised in Baltimore, and relocated to Colorado, Brandon has been taking the scene by storm. The Orcastrator started producing at the beginning of 2016, and he's already playing local venues with regional acts including The Party People, Bass Physics, and Homemade Spaceship. The Orcastrator's main mission is to help the environment and bring awareness to our oceans. The main mission behind the project is to be about exploration, finding new ways of expression, and being aware of one's existence. The Orca will soon be opening for SoDown and Paul Basic on October 27th, 2016 at The Bluebird Theatre in Denver, Colorado. 

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Item 9

New to the Denver scene, Zander "Item 9" Rosen has been mixing since 2012 at house parties, hookah bars, pool parties and afterparties. His musical taste lies in the heavier stuff (Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap) with some throwbacks sprinkled in. He's recently tried his hand at piano with a focus on transferring his knowledge into original productions....Item 9 exists

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The Medicine Men

The Medicine Men, comprised of Weston Dockter and Ricky Nemeth, started djing and producing music during their undergraduate careers at the University of Minnesota. Now both in graduate school at Colorado State University, the duo continues to blend music of all genres into funky, danceable sets that are sure to get the party started and keep it going all night. With influences such as Bassnectar, Grammatik, and MALAA, the Medicine Men possess a diverse knowledge of music and skill set that will keep you guessing and dancing. They prefer to dj on their Traktor S8 controller, but they also have a mobile set they bring on the buses that consists of an Ipad with Traktor software and a Traktor Z1 controller. Look for the duo on the Fort Collins buses - they'll be the ones head banging in back with the decks underhand.

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NC Weezy

"The Portland Oregon based DJ has been mixing at small venues and playing at local parties while also focusing his efforts on producing electronic music. NC Weezy always loves start the party right by mixing everyones favorite tracks along with songs that you've never heard before. From EDM, Trap, Future Bass, Hip Hop, and House music to even some of his own tracks, you just never know what you might hear in some of his sets. You can check out his soundcloud at: to stay up to date with his music/mixes and who knows! The next time you see him might be at your local frat party or venue! 

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ERF is brand new to the Colorado music scene as he just relocated from Milwaukee.  ERF started DJing in early 2013 at The Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee WI.  He has played at all of the popular clubs and venues in Milwaukee and has been support for the likes of: Buku, HeRobust, HUCCI, LOOkaS, LOUDPVCK, Protohype & others.

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Studying Ableton Live at Dubspot (based out of NYC), and producing for 4 years, Apostles has laid the groundwork for understanding music production, and has crafted his own method to the supernatural ecstasies of which music affords us.

Apostles is a very inspired producer, seeing music all around him constantly, producing ideas and flowing thoughts. Translated into music, it becomes a sonic landscape of imagery and emotion that craves to be heard.

Following faith and music around the map, from the hills of Boulder, the flat lands of Fort Collins, down to the urban streets of Denver, many landscapes and many scenes have paved the sound that you hear today.

Apostles is the conception of music with a purpose; ideas merging with sounds, lush soundscapes painting vivid sonic imagery. Apostles is facilitating the bigger picture and you are the newly found puzzle piece. More than just sounds, his music carries intentions from the heart, here for both pleasure and enjoyment but most of all as a eulogy to all life, and prayers for the soul to keep.

Shalom, aho, blessings, amen, it is all the same. Just be good to one another and forge a path of purity with divine aim. All are sacred, all are created in divine relations. The balance remains.

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The upGraDDDe

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH. I have lived out in Denver, CO for the past 6 years and Oregon 2 years before that. I cover a wide variety of genres when producing and in my mixes, from trap, rnb, futurebass, electrohouse, rap, and hip hop to just name a few.  Creativity is the essence of what I strive to be, I like to make people second guess what I am going to do at all times. I like to set the tone and get people feeling right! "Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality" - Cheshire Cat

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My name is Phil Leonowens and I go by Havok (purposefully spelled with a 'k')

I'm a DJ from Guatemala who's been playing in Colorado for 6 years now playing with the likes of Terravita, Party Favor, Omega, and Crizzly. My heart beats at 128 because I love house music so much so I love incorporating house elements into my multi-genre sets which I have span twerk, moombahton, trap, house, hip hop and drum and bass. Currently I play out a lot of the bars around town including more frequently, Boulder House with DJ Knives on select Saturdays of every month, and occasional shows at the Fox theater. I've been with bus to show since 2014, and during the day I am a software engineer at Solidfire on pearl street

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The first thing you might notice when meeting Emma Badman (AKA Sassfactory) is her accent. It’s an uncommon mix of British and Bostonian, and like the rest of her, combines unexpected qualities into a completely unique sound. She’s sassy, a bit sarcastic, and keenly aware of what music makes people have a good time. It’s all music you can dance to, the kind that gets your toes tapping without you even realizing; the soundtrack you might meet your first love to, while on the dance floor, with laser beams framing their face and panda bears dancing onstage in the background. Sassfactory… it’s kinda like that.

Sassfactory also DJs under the name “Queen B” for Boulder hip-hop duo Glitta Kings.

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Andrew Bower is not exactly the fire breathing, princess-stealing dragon from the Mario series (actually, he might have those qualities but that is another story). In fact, most waking hours are spent either behind the lens or behind the screen.  With drive summoned from fanatic nerdism, Bowzr strives to perfect his craft in all forms of composition, whether it be the crowd losing their minds in the lower-third or evoking powerful emotion through the flow of bass music.

Bowzr's goal is simple, to put in happiness, hope, and a little more empathy into a world struck with blind hatred and ignorance that can be crushed with knowledge. As a journalist, he is well trained in directing a situation to place him in the best part to capture the story of the night. He has a natural knack for falling into opportunities that crave his multi-layered skill-set with graphic design, photo/videography, and audio production. With a talent core of close friends and ever-expanding ear skills, Bowzr is primed to become not just a person, but an entire concept built around a team. A dedicated, experienced team that will one day be the pinnacle of modern-day electronic music production. 

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