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  • Pick-Up Times and Locations can be found on the Reservation Page under Registration Type. If you don't see 'em, click More Info.
  • All BTS BusParties are Round-Trip unless otherwise noted (in the event or ticket title).
  • Bus to Show does not use tickets--All you need to bring is your ID.  Regardless of which “Delivery Method” you select, you will not receive any tickets.  Though you will receive a confirmation email for your records.. When you reserve, your name is recorded on our check-in list.
  • Bring your ID.
  • Check your email and voicemail often prior to departure for updates/changes. We’ll try not to make any (especially last minute).


  • Please do not bring glass on the buses, at the pick up locations, or at Red Rocks!!!
  • Obey the laws in the jurisdictions we travel through.
  • No open containers at the pick up locations.

How membership works:

  • If you are reserving for just yourself, membership enrollment is part of the checkout process, so you don't need to do anything extra.


Tips for enjoyment:

Summary of the rules:

1. Be the party you wish to see in the world. One time I was driving and Ghandi was chaperoning the bus, (Fisk was spinning) and this one dude was being kind of a D to people, and so Ghandi was like, you know what, bro? You are choosing to feel the way you do right now. You are making the decision to be a D. You must search within yourself and ask why am I being a D? Then you will find that it is not others that you are upset with. No one is causing you not to have fun. You must find it within yourself to party through any and all circumstance. You must be the party you wish to see in the world. And that's when I knew that Ghandi was a chill, chill guy, man.

2. Don't break any laws.

3. Don't stick anything out the windows or roof at any time when the bus is on.

4. Dress crazy...or normal.

5. Support our sponsors (your membership entitles you to a "Bus to Show Rider Special" at Cheba Hut. Usually this is a free PBR with your sandwich, but just ask and see.

6. Become a sponsor: email

7. Be excellent to each other.

8. Tip your driver.

9. Take lots of pictures and tag @bustoshowORG on Instagram.

10. Like the Bus to Show FB page (This is where we give away tickets)