How do I know where and when my bus I made a reservation on is leaving?

  • Departure Details are listed in the info for each registration type, where you pick how many spots you want to reserve.
    • (You get can there by heading to bustoshow.org/calendar and clicking “Reserve Here Now.”)
    • Check back every so often to make sure that the Last Call / Departure Times & Locations have not changed. We try not to do this, but sometimes necessity is the mother of changing departure details.
  • Make sure the Departure City and Date on your reservation confirmation match the Departure City and Date you were trying for.
  • Check your email prior to the event.

My bus ticket says 11:50pm but I know I signed up for a bus that leaves at 5:30pm? What’s the deal?

  • The ticket prints out a wacky time. You should disregard it, unless it coincidentally matches the actual time that check-in actually happens.

I have a group of 60 people and want to do a private bus. Your form says 40 to a private bus. Can I reserve 2 buses and just do 30 on each? Or…whatever I want?

  • Private buses are all yours so we can stack a few more on, but in general buses hold 40 people plus DJ, Chaperon and Driver.  Everyone must have a signed membership agreement and liability waiver for THE BASICS FUND.

Where is a link to the liability waiver?

  • Your safety is our major concern. Your personal liability for your own safety is also our major concern. E-Sign This Electronic Form and your liability is yours! Or, go [here] to get a copy to print, sign and bring to check in.

How old do I be need to be to ride the bus?

  • You must be 18 years or older in order to fill out the liability waiver. Thus you need to be 18 years or older to ride the bus.

I think that when I grow up I want to be just like my dog and hang my head out the window while we drive. That cool?

  • While we can bring you a stick to fetch once we get to the venue, we are all about safety. Cops don’t like seeing human appendages hanging out the window. We like keeping it real…inside the bus.

I see you guys at a lot of shows. Is there some sort of calendar that tells me what shows you go to and lets me sign up?

  • We have an innovative thing called a calendar located at bustoshow.org/calendar. It organizes the rotation of Earth around the sun in a date format. The buses then rotate around and to the venues in a celestial, star-like formation. Remarkably it all lines up and you have a calendar and buses going to shows. If you do not see the event you would like to go to listed on the calendar, let us know at reservations@bustoshow.org and we can get you taken care of.

Is there booze provided for riders?

  • No, unless the event mentions it specifically (very rare). We don’t want to be driver license validation security thus we don’t get in the providing booze game.

Am I allowed to bring drinks on the bus?

  • Yes, as long as you have signed the liability waiver and are adhering with the law.  DO NOT BRING GLASS.

Do you have some sort of map to see pick up locations and where we are going?

  • Never assume you know what you are doing unless you know what you are doing. Be sure to read up the confirmation letter and event details. However, Google can be pretty handy and we made a map of our hot spots.

Where do the buses park at Red Rocks?

  • Lower South lot tried and tested year over year.

What do I need to bring to check in?

  • Your ID, water, and a smile.

What if I forgot to add a team name to my reservation when I made it, but now I want to?

  • Adding your group name is totally not relevant. To make sure everyone rides together in your group, make sure everyone purchases bus tickets for the same city and also arrives at check in at the same time. (No promises that we can fit parties all on the same bus if you did not coordinate properly. Especially when there are slackers in the group that show up late and stuff.)

Do you do other locations than listed for pick ups, events, and venues?

I am doing a round trip ride from Denver* for a show, but the after party is in Boulder*. Can I just hop on a bus going to Boulder?  *Insert different cities as you choose as the rules are the same for all.

  • Bus seats are reserved for the entire journey. If you have desire for other location let us know and we can try to coordinate if the demand exists.

What if I only need the bus one way?

  • You can do it if you like. One way, two way and if we had a crazy three way bus ride would all be the same price. Please notify reservations@bustoshow.org to make sure we account for you correctly.  This will make sure we don’t try calling your cell phone incessantly trying to figure out where you went while everyone else is on the bus waiting to get moving.

I made a lady and/or gentleman friend at the show; can they ride the bus with me home?

  • The bus is reserved for pre-event-booked guests. If we have any spots available, a return-trip Trial Membership is within the realm of possibility. Just don’t totally bank on it.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • We definitely refund if the bus does not happen.
  • Otherwise, reserved seats are officially non-refundable. Ask early (more than 48 hours before the event), and we’ll do our best.
  • If you can find another person to take your spot and sign up as a trial member, that’s cool with us, too…as long as we know about it. Please email reservations@bustoshow.org to ensure we don’t try to not let them on since they are not on our list…Or, just come to check in with them. Bring your ID.

I called your reservation line, but no one answered and they have not yet returned my phone call in the last hour.

  • Our massive call center consists of that phone number routing to two peoples phone numbers. They are human and often have a lot on their plates. Try calling back in a bit.

What is the difference between a trial membership and a monthly membership?

  • A trial membership is a one time use for the event you choose. You can do as many trial memberships as you like. A monthly membership is as many buses that you sign up for as you want during the monthly membership that you subscribe to.

How do I become a member?

  • So you think you are one of those smart people that knows that they are going to a bunch shows in a month and/or need to buy something to help motivate you to do so. Well, monthly memberships to our sister non-profit, The Basics Fund, are available at http://tbfmembership.eventbrite.com/ – this includes, among other things, unlimited free access to its busparty offerings. You can sign up for any and all buses in the membership month you have. If the bus goes, you go.

Can I leave stuff on the bus once we get to the show?

  • As long as it is not a shuttle bus then you can do so at your own risk. We do not provide hidden video surveillance, spotlights, or watch towers. Or do we…?

I lost my cell phone and dignity somewhere last night; does the bus have it?

  • Email lost and found (reservations@bustoshow.org), as we end up with a lot of random things and of course hold on to them with hopes of returning them to someone who cares about them. As for your dignity, we sell that on ebay.

I signed up for the bus super early and now I find out that the bus is not going. WTF?

  • We require 20 riders for a bus to “go off”. We work hard to make every bus happen! If for some reason we do not receive the minimum number of reservations required to make a bus happen, you will be REFUNDED 100% the cost of your order. So it never hurts to sign up early. If a bus does not happen, you will be notified well in advance so as to make other travel arrangements. If you are concerned that the bus may not happen, feel free to email reservations@bustoshow.org and we can let you know a little better the likelihood of the bus happening. You can tell your friends, too, which never hurts.

I want to DJ on the bus to an event; Can I?

  • Email us at reservations@bustoshow.org and we can see if it works! Be sure to include some of your work and what city that you are in.

How can I get more involved?

  • Second most common question of all time, right next to “What name do I write a check out to for a donation?”. We are always looking for new opportunities to promote the common interests of our greater communities.  Email us at community@bustoshow.org

I saw your sweet flyers; can I have some to put up at my shop?

  • Sure thing… as long as we approve the type shop. If not then you can steal some and put them up. You can email us at community@bustoshow.org

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