Fourth of July Parade in Niwot!

Copy by Gabriella Lettow—Intern

Photos by Morganne Gau—Intern

Did you Celebrate the 4th in Another Dimension?

What a fabulous 4th of July! Bus to Show had the opportunity to participate in Niwot’s town parade and it was such an exciting occasion to share our organization’s mission with the local community.

During the line-up before the parade our float was already a major hit! ____, a heavy-duty bubble connoisseur, brought several buckets of thick soap and his incredibly unique bubble wands, which were made out of ropes tied to sticks in a circular shape. Kids and parents from the surrounding floats watched in awe! It was not long before children of all ages swarmed the buckets of bubbles and began to play. Some of their bubbles were HUGE—almost the length of the bus!

People of all ages were equally excited to experience a part of Bus to Show that day. I was originally a bit concerned about how Niwotians might view BTS. Being the cozy and quiet town that Niwot is, I was afraid that people in the community might be a bit apprehensive to find out what our company is all about. One would not typically connect a party-bus service to this quiet town’s aura.

Dang, was I wrong! As the parade began we were shouting, “candy for kids, coupons for adults!” This was the motto of the day as we passed out goodies to a hot majority of “Niwotians.” We passed out coupons for a 10% off discount on your next BTS ticket attached to individual pieces of candy. All of the kids were excited to get candy, and I overheard many adults along the parade route proclaiming their desires to use our services.

“Take a photo of that! What a great idea.”

“Woah, that bus looks awesome!”

“I want to ride that bus!”

The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we were able to effectively introduce new people to our organization’s mission. This may have been Bus to Show’s first parade, but it will not be our last! Hopefully you’ll feel compelled enough to come see us again at the Parade of Lights this winter. Or maybe we’ll just see you on the bus, on your way to a concert. Either way, we can’t wait to see you soon!

**lol disclaimer for Morganne’s photos:

Bus to Show has been designed to save the lives of future generations who would have otherwise be impacted by impaired driving. Lucky for us, the BTS camera has an HD Multi-Dimensional capturing lens, which has the ability to capture multiple dimensions—each of which were celebrating their own 4th of July.