The Interns’ Journey to the Front Row

The BTS interns have recently undergone one of the most tumultuous, chaotic, jumbled concert experiences of their lives, and have decided that it is only appropriate to write out an outline of a movie script to detail the evenings events.


[G] = Gabriella

[M] = Morganne

[PM] =  DJ Praying Mantis / Mantis/ Tis

[WC] =Will Call Cashier

[BD] = Bus Driver

[RR] = Random Rider

[BT] = Bartender

[FR] = Forerunner Driver

[SD] = Subaru Driver

[GC] = Ghost Chief/Executive Director of Bus to Show

[TC] = Ticket Checker


Scene 1: Pre-Concert Jitters


G:  NEVER BEEN READIER! Should we head over to the Cheba Hut bar now and get a drink before check-in?

M: Definitely. We can drink a few vodka lemonades before the bus!

G: Has DJ Praying Mantis sent you any info about how to get our tickets?

M: Not yet! I’ll give him a call and see what’s up. I’m sure It’ll work out by concert time.

G: Me too. Let’s call the Uber.


[clip of interns on their way to the Cheba Hut bar]


Scene 2: Cheba Hut Bar & Check-In

G: Want to sit down for a minute before check-in?

M: Sure! *looks at bartender* Can we get two vodka lemonades, please?

BT: Of course, ladies!


[clip of interns enjoying lemonades & talking/laughing]

[cut to check-in]


G: I can take your IDs over here, and Morganne will get you all situated with wristbands!

[RR walks into scene]

G: Hey there! Are you excited for the concert?!

RR: Hell yeah!

M: Who are you most excited to see?

RR: Well I love DJ Snake, but I’m pretty excited to see Porter Robinson as Virtual Self.


[Interns look at each other in complete shock]



RR: Yeah kinda. He won’t play any of his regular music though, it’s kind of like his alter ego.

M: Holy shit I am SO much more excited now! Enjoy the show!


Scene 3: Hyping the Bus for Hard Rocks


[Morganne jumps onto bus in full-fledged excitement]




[Full bus of riders erupts in loud applause & cheers]


BD: Thank you guys for riding Bus to Show, you guys are awesome! We’re a non-profit working to reduce impaired driving......


[SuperBowl-like cheers explode from the bus]


BD: …... there are only two rules on this bus  …. NOTHING outside of the Bus! No hands, no beer cans, no cigarette butts….. no regular butts….. [laughter from the riders], and pleeeease be respectful of the people sitting next to you! Most importantly though… HAVE FUN!! Does anyone need Will Call?

G:…... yes


[Foreshadowing: little did the interns know that they would be making several stops at will call that night]


[Setting the stage: Bus pulls up to Red Rocks and it is hotter than the devil’s ass. True & vivid. Among all of the bus hype on the way to Red Rocks, the interns got preoccupied and had to shift their efforts from enjoying their night to KICKING CORPRATE ASS/finding DJ Praying Mantis.]


M: Let me call DJ Mantis and see what’s up


[Morganne calls 8 times. No answer.]


M: Maybe he’s still on the bus, lets walk around to see if we can find him.


[Interns find bus driver from Denver.]


M: Hey! Where is Dj Tis?!

BD: No show.. he didn’t make it on the bus. But two of his friends just walked to will call to get their tix. You two should do the same.


The journey begins.


Scene 4: Interns Walk to Will Call

G: Holy shit it’s hot out.

M: I know, I’m literally sweating all over. I don’t think we can do this.

G: How much farther do we have to go?

M: I don’t know, I think it’s over this hill.


[Interns get to the top of the hill and do not see any sign of will call]


G: I know this sounds insane but the only way I’m going to make it to will call is if we hitch a ride.


[Gabbi attempts to hail a car as if it was a cab. By some miracle, it stops!]


FR: Hey ladies! Y’all need a ride?!


[Gabbi and Morganne look at each other.]


G/M: Yes. Please.


[Forerunner driver drives the interns for at least a mile to will call.]


G: Thank you for the ride!

M: You’re the best! Have an awesome night!!


[Interns go over to the will call station.]


M: Hey! We’re here to pick up our tickets for the show.

WC: Alright, whats the name it’d be under?

M: Should be under DJ Praying Mantis.


[Will call lady shuffles around a bunch of papers and tickets]


WC: I’m sorry, there are no extra tickets here. We only have one ticket specifically for the DJ, but you would need his ID to pick it up.


[Gabbi and Morganne talk amongst themselves]


M: I think we should walk back to the bus to see if the DJ is there.

G: The best option we have is to go back and see!


[The interns begin the walk back UP the hill they had just been driven down.]


Scene 5: Interns Walk to Will Call AGAIN


[While the interns are on their walk back up the hill from will call.]


G: Let’s call the Ghost Chief to see if he has talked to the DJ.

M: Yeah, maybe he knows where our tickets are.


[Gabbi calls the Ghost Chief]


G: Hi! We just walked over to will call from the bus lot and we wanted to see if you had talked to the DJ about our tickets before we go all the way back.

GC: You WALKED to will call?! Oh my god you guys are SO dedicated to Bus to Show. Hmm.. I haven’t heard anything from DJ Praying Mantis. Let me give him a call too. Just to double check.


[Gabbi & Morganne hang up with Ghost Chief and wait for him to get back to us]


[Ghost Chief calls Morganne]


M: Hello?

GH: Hey you guys! I am so sorry about this whole thing. He didn’t answer. Would you guys mind going back to will call and buying your own tickets? We’ll figure out a way to reimburse you.

M: Alright! That will be totally fine.


[Morganne looks at Gabbi]


M: We’d do pretty much anything at this point to make sure we get into this concert!

GH: You guys are awesome, I hope you have a great time at the show!


[phone call ends]


[Morganne and Gabbi turn around and begin walking back to will call]


[Morganne and Gabbi approach the will call station…... again]


WC: Back already ladies?!

G: Yes we are!

M: And we’ve got some tickets we need to buy!


[Morganne and lady at will call go through the steps of purchasing tickets]


WC: Okay you guys, you’re all set! Enjoy the show

G/M: Thank you so much!



Scene 6: “Enjoy the concert ladies!”


[Gabbi and Morganne begin the trek to the amphitheater—on a dirt hiking trail]


M: This is definitely a shortcut.

G: You think so?

M: I think it is! Let’s try it out.


[Gabbi and Morganne walk on the trail for at least 30 minutes]


M: Hmm.. I think we’re getting close.

G: Can we at least take this opportunity to take some bomb-ass photos? This place is beautiful!

M: GENIUS idea!!! Hand me your phone.


[Gabbi and Morganne have an impromptu photoshoot on the trail, while continuing to walk on the trail to the concert]





[The interns begin a light sprint toward the rocks & the large groups of people]


[The interns realize that they are standing at the bottom of the amphitheater and still have to walk to the top in order to get into the venue]


[Gabbi looks at Morganne]


G: The faster we go, the faster it’s over…. Let’s move.


[Gabbi and Morganne hurry up the rocks to the ticket-check]


TC: Tickets please.


[Morganne hands ticket checker both of our tickets]


TC: Thank you.


            [Scans both tickets.]


G: Thanks!

M: Thank you!

TC: Enjoy the show ladies!


…… and “enjoy the show” they did.


The End.