Eco-Cycle BUS PARTY to:

Springback Mattress Recycling Facilty, Denver, CO

05-20-16 (FRI)

(and back)

Bus to Show is proud to partner with Boulder's pioneering and prestigious non-profit, Eco-Cycle.

Bus to Show understands that the very technological advances of industrialization that have given rise to global break-throughs which allow us to be more connected must now be integrated into a global vision for sustainability that honors and acknowledges not just the short-term solutions that a priority on profits often emphasize, but the deeper accord with our values and the ecological and cosmological foundations on whose precipice life so precariously rests. We are honored and thankful to support Eco-Cycle in this fun and engaging way, and we honor and endorse their mission: "to identify, explore and demonstrate the emerging frontiers of sustainable resource management through the concepts and practices of Zero Waste. We believe in individual and community action to transform society’s throw-away ethic into environmentally-responsible stewardship."

It is such a profound and eloquent and far-reaching mission statement. This mission statement will mean as much in 10,000 years as it does today. Maybe even more. I would encourage all people who plan to ride for this event, to take a quiet moment on the bus to read it, and ponder its weight and significance. It is important for us all to carry this noble and just message through to our deeds and our actions, as well as being the underpinning of how we interact within our community and with the world-at-large.

Bus to Show is a bootstrap non-profit formed in 2010 through the tireless vision and hard work of its founder and Executive Director, Dustin Huth. Our mission is to reduce intoxicated driving to and from high-risk events while simultaneously building a community among event-goers and raising funds for other causes by organizing and/or providingsober transportation in the form of bus parties. Just like Boulder poet, Max Toast, says in his famous poem, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, we believe in "the Yeti, the CSETI, Santa Claus, Jesus, bats, old people, Yoda, and chalk! The truth is out there, Mulder. Far out there." In other words, we believe in everything. We believe in holding paradox because by holding the paradox and affirming it, we give life to its boundless complexity and nuance, and only in such moments of affirmation do we see the monumental task of its untangling. By organizing mass transit options to group functions and events, not only do we work to lower the potential for intoxicated driving, but we also conservatively saved upwards of 12,000 gallons of fuel in 2015 compared to if our bus riders had driven themselves in vehicles averaging 30 MPG in groups of three to a vehicle. We also recognize that connecting with each other through shared social experiences, we strengthen one of the best weapons we have to change the narrative of our culture and our times, ourselves. We sincerely hope people utilize these buses as opportunities to open up with themselves and with others.