If you're a nonprofit, why do you charge money?

Like the YMCA, the Denver Art Museum, Bonfils Blood Center, and many other sustainable nonprofits, we charge a fee for our services. Our trial memberships are for one event only and do not renew automatically. You can sign up for as many trial memberships as you like.  For very active members, we offer monthly memberships as well!

There are a few important things that separate a nonprofit from a for-profit company:

  1. A nonprofit, and all of its assets, are owned by the state in which it is incorporated. For Bus to Show, that's Colorado. This means that our founders and our board don't own the company, and can't sell it, or take dividends, or hold stock, or any of the other compensation plans that are available to for profit companies. So if Uber or Sunset Limos, or anyone wanted to buy us someday, we would not be able to sell it. Because we are owned by Colorado and the people who live here! We think this is a very noble way of starting a business, and more people should consider whether their ideas could work as a nonprofit.  
  2. A nonprofit must provide an essential community service. Ours is sober transportation that reduces impaired driving and fuel consumption that would otherwise result from events.