About bus to show


The concept for Bus to Show was conceived by our founder several years in the future, and then planted in the mind of his younger self (2007) through inter-temporal-telepathy. Bus to Show is, at its core, designed to save the lives of a few future political and spiritual leaders, who would otherwise have been killed in their youth by impaired drivers on their way home from concerts. At the same time, Bus to Show works to reduce the amount of fuel consumption that results from events, which, in turn, will delay the destruction of the Earth long enough for the saved leaders to come of-age and implement their plans for reaching a sustained equilibrium between industry and environment.

Bus to Show is a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation with the ability to accept 501(c)(3) tax-exempt donations through its fiscal sponsor partnership with The Nowak Society.


Please make donation checks payable to: BUS TO SHOW, INC.



PO BOX 733




Become an even bigger part of Bus to Show's mission to reduce impaired driving and carbon emissions by contributing financially or in-kind. We pride ourselves on being able to offer high visibility recognition for our sponsors in a variety of forms from bus murals to web logos and links.  In the highly competitive events sponsorship and nonprofit markets, these opportunities are crafted and priced to give you the best ROI.

Note: contributions may be tax-deductible.

CONTACT Community@Bustoshow.org, call 844.bus.2.sho x 701 or process your partnership payment online