Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer is the solo mission of one of Boulder's all time great electronic music producers, Harry Watkins.  You know him from his work as half of the duo, Proper Motion. Now you can listen as he formulates some new and exciting musical concepts.  Some of what he is doing here is testing grounds for what may later become Proper Motion tracks.  A lot of it, is unique to Radio Flyer.  One of the most exciting things that occurs any time an established musician produces work as a solo act, is that we get a feel for their individual stylings, making it easier to recognize and pick out the contributions they make to the larger sound.  In addition, the pressure of creating music with a specific fan base in mind is greatly diminished, allowing Harry the freedom to try things that he may not feel are appropriate to do as part of Proper Motion.  In other words, anything goes and his own creativity and technical ability are the only limitations on what is possible.  Fortunately, this with Radio Flyer, sky's the limit.

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