Sonic Geometry

Sonic Geometry defies the status quo. Although we live In an age of limitless musical possibilities and ever ­expanding technology, producers and musicians rely more and more on their tools to do their job for them. Mediocrity and sameness is the result. Sonic Geometry was founded on the sole principle that technology shouldn’t be a crutch, but a launchpad for the advancement of creativity, expression, and artistic innovation.  Sonic Geometry uses technology to push boundaries. Producer/guitarist, Andy Beyer creates a genre­-defying sound, setting a new standard of what an audience should expect from their electronic music producers and live bands. With an elaborate array of keyboards, electronics, and traditional instruments, Sonic Geometry takes us through a never­-before-­heard musical world of melody, groove, glitch, and improvisation that constantly expands the limits of what we thought musically possible.


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