Become an On-Board Artist

Get Down on the Way Down

Bus to Show's On-Board Artist Program has given some of Colorado's most successful artists a platform to build their sets, hone their techniques, and grow their fan-bases, while getting free rides to and from their favorite shows.

Our buses have been graced by many national and globally touring artists including: Greg Fisk and Ben Samples (Fresh2Death), Gray Smith (Savoy), Ryan Nelli (Marcelo Moxy / GSP / Michal Menert and the The Pretty Fantastics), Alex Botwin (Alex B. / Pnuma Trio / Paper Diamond), Jay Jaramillo (Project Aspect), Cody Wille (Chrome Drones, Signal Path, Supreme Action League), Noah Marion and Harry Watkins (Proper Motion), Zach Karuzas (Kruza Kid), Jade Ananda (Ananda), Johnny Mabie and Ryan Weisz (Bears Oh My) and many others.

In 2015, Bus to Show joined forces with The Mile High Sound Movement in order connect our on-board artists with the resources to grow their careers further and book more gigs at traditional venues.

We are currently seeking artists interested in performing on board our buses. If you would like to join our roster and are willing to play in exchange for rides, and occasional other perks, please complete this form.