Andrew Bower is not exactly the fire breathing, princess-stealing dragon from the Mario series (actually, he might have those qualities but that is another story). In fact, most waking hours are spent either behind the lens or behind the screen.  With drive summoned from fanatic nerdism, Bowzr strives to perfect his craft in all forms of composition, whether it be the crowd losing their minds in the lower-third or evoking powerful emotion through the flow of bass music.

Bowzr's goal is simple, to put in happiness, hope, and a little more empathy into a world struck with blind hatred and ignorance that can be crushed with knowledge. As a journalist, he is well trained in directing a situation to place him in the best part to capture the story of the night. He has a natural knack for falling into opportunities that crave his multi-layered skill-set with graphic design, photo/videography, and audio production. With a talent core of close friends and ever-expanding ear skills, Bowzr is primed to become not just a person, but an entire concept built around a team. A dedicated, experienced team that will one day be the pinnacle of modern-day electronic music production. 

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