Damian King

Meet Damian King,



I think BTS is a very necessary service. It allows people with common interests to make new friends, combat carbon emissions, and stay safe at the same time. It is super affordable, and gives everyone going to the show at Red Rocks a bigger sense of community. 

I also enjoy driving the buses. I too had some issues with driving impaired many years ago, and learned my lessons the hard way... It’s great to provide solutions to people so they don’t have to learn the hard way, like I had to, as well. I have not drank alcohol for over 15 years, so it seems like a good way to “pay it forward” so to speak. I was always driving my friends up there for free. Now, I have a much bigger space to offer people a seat (bus) and I get paid for it. I get to spend a lot of time at one of my favourite places in the world (Red Rocks) and everyone is in a good mood. Taking people here for their first time always puts a smile on my face.

Favourite kind of music/band: Big Jam-Band fan, as well as Bluegrass. I have been seeing Widespread Panic for 18 years, and have seen them over 150 times!

Love to ski and play disc golf competitively. 

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