I bought a bus reservation from someone on the side of the road. Was that SMART?

Maybe, maybe not.  The best thing to do is reserve your own spot, or get a friend to reserve for you.  If we are sold out, or if you only have cash and have to buy from someone you don't know, make sure that the reservation is transferred to your name and email address.  This minimizes the chances of you getting scammed.  To do this, they can email reservations@bustoshow.org (with you cc'd.) and let us know that they would like to transfer the reservation from the old name, to your name.  They will need to provide the order number and the email address of the request must match the email address associated with the order.   

For some events, there is also a way that they can transfer the reservation to you on their own without contacting us.  To do this, they need to click the link in the confirmation email to open their eventbrite account.  Find the tickets for the event in question, and edit attendee info. 

Regardless of how the transfer goes, everyone who rides will needs to sign our liability waiver in advance at bustohsow.org/membership  (ticket buyers do this during checkout, everyone else needs to do it separately)