How, like, old do you have to be to ride the buses that are on the calendar?

Bus to Show is 18 and up (unless you have an email from a parent).  Even if you are way old enough, bring your ID (with DOB) and make sure everyone in your group brings their ID (with DOB). 

If anyone in your group is under 18, they MUST have their legal guardian email THEM a message to show us on their phone at check in. The email MUST have CC'd and MUST contain the following:

I, (GUARDIAN NAME), am the legal guardian of (RIDER NAME).  I give my permission for (RIDER NAME) to ride bus to show on (TRIP DATE) to (VENUE NAME) and back.  I release Bus to Show, Inc. and all its employees, partners and affiliates of any liability for incident that may occur as a direct or indirect result of this trip.  My driver’s license is attached. (ATTACH LICENSE SCAN/PHOTO TO EMAIL)



BTS check-in staff, chaperones, or drivers may turn people away and deny access to the buses without refund, if the above two criteria are not met.