I'm like, running late. Can you have the bus, like, wait for me?

It is your responsibility to be on the bus when it leaves.  If you miss it, you miss it,  If that happens, you can always find your way to the venue meet up with us the bus to check-in at any time before it departs for the return trip.  

If you are running a couple minutes late, ask a friend who is already there to have the driver to hold the bus.  Or, call us at 844.BUS.2.SHO and we will try to contact the driver for you. 

Keep in mind, that check-in takes some time.  The last bus never leaves earlier than the last scheduled time for each location, but it often will be delayed by a few minutes while we finish check-in and give the speech.  Trips with lower attendance tend to leave closer to the scheduled departure time.