I bought a bus reservation from someone on the side of the road. Was that SMART?

Maybe, maybe not.  The best thing to do is reserve your own spot, or get a friend to reserve for you.  If we are sold out, or if you only have cash and have to buy from someone you don't know, make sure that the reservation is transferred to your name and email address.  This minimizes the chances of you getting scammed.  To do this, they can email reservations@bustoshow.org (with you cc'd.) and let us know that they would like to transfer the reservation from the old name, to your name.  They will need to provide the order number and the email address of the request must match the email address associated with the order.   

For some events, there is also a way that they can transfer the reservation to you on their own without contacting us.  To do this, they need to click the link in the confirmation email to open their eventbrite account.  Find the tickets for the event in question, and edit attendee info. 

Regardless of how the transfer goes, everyone who rides will needs to sign our liability waiver in advance at bustohsow.org/membership  (ticket buyers do this during checkout, everyone else needs to do it separately)

I accidentally reserved for the wrong departure location. Can you transfer my reservation?

As long as we have space on the bus you are trying to transfer to and enough advanced notice to get to your request, we will gladly transfer your reservation for you.  If you need a transfer please email reservations@bustoshow.org.  For the best chance of success, we need at least 24 hours' advanced notice.  If we get it done, you will receive an email confirmation through our ticketing platform, and probably also a response from whoever is answering the reservations@bustoshow.org emails that day, letting you know. 

Okay, so, wait, What time is the bus?

Times are posted on the bustoshow.org/calendar listing for each event and pick-up location (you can check this at any time).  More detailed information is also viewable by clicking  "Show Details" under each ticket description.  

If there is only one time listed on a ticket, then you need to be at the location by that time, in order to catch the bus.

If there is a time range on a ticket, that means we will begin loading the first bus at the early time, and we won't send the final bus until the latest time listed.  Please show up and board as early as you can to help the process move quickly.  Sometimes we get a lot of demand and decide to widen the time range, this just provides more departure options, and you don't need to do anything differently if you don't want to.

What happens if a bus is like super, super late or something?

In the extremely rare event that a bus does not show up, or is delayed more than 45 minutes or so after last call time, and you decide you would prefer to find another way to the show, you can choose one of the following options to help us make it up to you: 

  • Either request a full refund by emailing reservations@bustoshow.org and include the pick-up location and politely describe the situation.  If we are able to verify the lateness of the bus, we will happily refund you.
  • Or take a Lyft or Uber and email your receipt (with polite description of circumstances) to reservations@bustoshow.org.  If we are able to verify the lateness of the bus, we will reimburse you for up to 2x the cost of your bus reservation toward your ride.   

Note: even if the check-in person or someone else acting on behalf of BTS gives you different information in person or over the phone, the above offers are the back-up plans that you are signing on for and agreeing to in advance by using this service.

Do you guys ever change the departure times after they are posted, and if so, how do you let riders know?

We almost never make changes to the departure schedules which would require you to do anything differently.  Almost all changes have to do with adding more buses to a location, which allows us to expand the departure window, in which case we don't notify you, but you can always check the website to see if there is an increased departure window corresponding to your reservation that makes your life more convenient.

If we ever need to move departure time earlier we will do one of the following, depending on how much notice we can give you:

  • More than 48 hours' notice, we will email you at the address you have provided with at least 48 hours' notice and offer you a full refund if the new time doesn't work for you, as long as you let us know more than 24 hours before the original departure time.  It is your responsibility to check your email to ensure you are able to request a refund if needed before the refund window closes.


  • Less than 48 hours' notice, we will call you or text you or email with the contact information provided until we get ahold of you to confirm that you are aware of the change, and that it works for you.  If it does not work for you, we will offer you a full refund at that time.  If we cannot get in touch with you, we will offer you a full refund as long as it is requested by emailing reservations@bustoshow.org within two business days after the scheduled trip departure.

If we move times later, there is no risk of you missing the bus if you don't get the message, so we don't sweat this very hard.  If we are planning to send a bus later than originally scheduled, our policy is to send out an email blast to all reserved riders and update the schedule online.  If the change makes it so that you are no longer interested in riding, you can request a refund, but we  must receive the request within 24 hours of departure, in order for you to be eligible for a refund.  We may choose to make exceptions to this policy and grant full or partial refund on a case-by-case basis. 

I'm like, running late. Can you have the bus, like, wait for me?

It is your responsibility to be on the bus when it leaves.  If you miss it, you miss it,  If that happens, you can always find your way to the venue meet up with us the bus to check-in at any time before it departs for the return trip.  

If you are running a couple minutes late, ask a friend who is already there to have the driver to hold the bus.  Or, call us at 844.BUS.2.SHO and we will try to contact the driver for you. 

Keep in mind, that check-in takes some time.  The last bus never leaves earlier than the last scheduled time for each location, but it often will be delayed by a few minutes while we finish check-in and give the speech.  Trips with lower attendance tend to leave closer to the scheduled departure time.

Like, do I have time to go to the bathroom real quick before the bus leaves?

It is your responsibility to be on the bus when it leaves.  Even if you ask a BTS representative and he or she indicates that it is okay, it's still on you if you miss the bus.  We don't know how long it might take you to go to the bathroom.  We also have a ton of other people and things to keep track of, and even though we try our best, we can't promise that we will remember to wait.  The best tactic to make sure the bus doesn't leave you is to be on board.  Failing that, if you have a friend on board, have them let the driver know to wait.  With that said, realize that it's never a good look to make 40 + people wait for you...even for 2 minutes.  Think about it, 2 minutes x 40 people...that's 80 minutes. Be considerate!

Do I need to, like, do anything special if I reserve for the "Early Bus"?

Yes.  The Early bus allows you to get to the venue early.  Often times it arrives significantly before door time for the event, as well as before other buses arrive.  It may also need to drop off and turn around for another pick-up. 

Riders who reserve the spots with the designation "Early Bus" should be prepared to clear the bus promptly upon arrival at the venue because drivers may be required to make a second trip, and a different bus and driver may provide your return trip.  

This option works great for people who want to get to the lot early and enjoy the scene and scenery, and who don't mind the possibility of transferring to a different BTS bus for the trip home.  

If you are bringing items with you that you will need to transfer to a return bus, you can do so once the return buses arrive at the lot.  Please talk to BTS bus drivers after they park to determine which is the correct bus.  If the return bus has not arrived by the time you are ready to go into the show, you can ask any willing BTS driver to transfer your items for your, although this is always at your own risk.  

On large events, BTS will try to designate a "lounge bus" so that "Early Bus" riders have a home base for their pregame situations.  Ultimately, though, I may be responsible for managing themselves from arrival until departure.